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    Use the above "means test" icon for a preliminary screening of your eligibility for bankruptcy. Consult with our attorney for interpretation of the results. To start the process, use the questionnaire above (download it using the link).  Fill out the questionnaire and provide it to our office for a free 30 minute consultation.  Filling out the questionnaire does not imply retainer of services. To retain our law office, a written fee agreement will be signed, with an down payment paid and an agreement for regular payments. Please ask us for a price quote.
   At the first meeting with the attorney, please provide: 1. last two months pay check stubs; 2. copies of credit report, bills, and any lawsuits or judgments; 3. calculation of recent income for the last six months; 4. information about your cars and major assets; 5. 2007 and 2008 tax returns; 6.and the completed questionnaire. 
CURRENT ADVERTISED OFFER: SIMPLE CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY $995 plus court filing fee ; get your paperwork started for as little as $399 down payment. Offer restrictions apply- attorney provides "limited scope" representation only, you will have an attorney appear with you at you meeting of creditors and any continuances thereof; often this is the only time you will go to court; however, if adversary motions or other litigation is involved in your case, the advertised price does not provide for that service; also this advertised price offer does not apply to businesses or the self-employed; other limitations to the special price are that your assets be limited to "exempt property" not subject to liquidation by the court (or what is called a "no asset" case) , and no more than one house, your primary residence not an investment home ; no more than three (3) vehicles; no more than 30 creditors. WE FIND THIS SPECIAL PRICE OFFER SUITS MANY INDIVIDUALS AND ALLOWS THEM TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE COST SAVINGS  AS THEY ARE NOT PAYING FOR SERVICES THEY WILL NOT USE ANYWAY WHICH MAY BE THE CASE IN THE HIGHER, "EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED" PRICES THAT ARE OFTEN DOUBLE OR MORE FROM OUR PRICE. However, this also is not for everyone so please talk to our lawyer and be an informed consumer. "THIS OFFICE IS A FEDERALLY DESIGNATED DEBT RELIEF AGENCY"    

Chapter 7:
A "means test" is done to determine if the debtor has the means to repay the debt. The test is based on household income as compared to median income in the state. "Exemptions"- the law allows for the bankruptcy debtor to keep certain assets which are called exempt property. Assets that are not exempt under the law are subject to liquidation but most cases filed under Chapter 7 are "no asset" cases. This means that there are no assets held by the debtor to be liquidated because all of the debtor's assets are protected by law. "Secured" debts and "unsecured debts" are treated differently. Secured debts (such as car loans and house mortgages) the debtor chooses among three options, "reaffirmation", "redemption" or "surrender" . Unsecured debts are discharged outright, typical unsecured debts are credit cards and other bills not secured by collateral. The debtor receives a "final discharge" meaning there is no longer any legal obligation to re-pay the debts. Call for a free consultation and means test analysis.

Chapter 13: This a a repayment plan. This is most often used because the debtor's income or assets exceed the limits of a Chapter 7, so the debtor is given a repayment plan normally lasting three years. The debtor pays into the plan each month and a "trustee" selected by the court distributes the funds to the creditors. The debtor has to pay off part of his debts. This chapter may be used when a debtor does not qualify for a Chapter 7. Also, for debtor's who are in foreclosure and cannot pay off the mortgage arrears ,  this chapter provides a re-payment plan of the back payments. You will still have to be able to make your current monthly mortgage payments as part of the chapter 13 re-payment plan.   

"This law office is a designated debt relief agency"