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Divorce is a termination and dissolution of the marriage. Community property is generally divided equally and separate property is confirmed to the party that it belongs to from before marriage. Spousal and child support is established. In the beginning of a divorce it is important to seek legal advice and to obtain temporary orders to preserve the status quo and living standards. Complete the divorce questionnaire at the bottom of the page befor your free consultation.


Partners can use this law to gain many of the legal benefits once only available to married persons. Some of the see new rights include community property rights, certain medical benefits, certain inheritance rights and recognition in various probate court proceedings, and State of California tax filing status same as married couples. Likewise, a registered domestic partnership can be dissolved in much the same way a marriage is dissolved by divorce. There are certain requirements to become a registered domestic partner and registration must be completed.


If you have a child from a relationship but were not married, then you need to file a “complaint to establish parental relationship”. The court can use a variety of factors to establish who the father of the child is, the most well known is the DNA test. However, there are other ways to establish paternity, often hospitals, for example, provide a legal form to unwed fathers called a voluntary declaration of paternity. You will not be able to establish custody or visitation orders until you
file a complaint to establish parental relationship.


California uses statewide child support guidelines based on the income of both parents, time the child spends with each parent, allowance for certain “add ons” such as day care expenses, uninsured health care costs, and visitation travel expenses (some “add ons” are mandatory, some are left up to the court’s discretion). A link to the child support calculator and child support information from the State of California is provided below.

Child Support Calculator

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