About Us

The founders of www.Calif-Family-Law.com have more than 12 years of combined experience in web-based legal online marketing. What makes us different from other legal marketing providers is that the majority of our rivals are usually attorneys with an interest in marketing, but lack real online legal marketing or SEO experience. Being a marketer and being an attorney are two vastly different skill sets, and need to be treated as such. Our team has a strong marketing background, but we work closely with attorneys to ensure the information we provide is relevant and up to date.
At www.Calif-Family-Law.com, our team combines comprehensive experience composing legal material for law practice and legal portals with over 33 years of combined SEO and online legal marketing experience. The synergy between our locations of know-how and experience indicate that we are distinctively positioned to compose material that not just attracts leads but assists turn leads into customers. We fully understand that the content on your website is to do more than just attract traffic, but it also helps to build credibility, which in turn converts that traffic into leads and ultimately new customers.
We have many attorney clients who to come to us to write their own blogging material. This is because, while a practicing lawyer is certainly going to be competent enough to write about legal topics and and trending issues, he or she may not know the best ways to write material that will perform well in searches on Google and other online search engines. More notably, the process of preparing high quality legal content is time consuming. The most effective law company websites and legal blog sites are constantly upgraded on a weekly as well as day-to-day basis, which is unrealistic for a lot of successful attorneys with hectic law practices. By outsourcing this time consuming task, you can focus on maintaining the potential clients we help you create and offering exemplary legal services.